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This site has one overriding goal. That goal is to improve the lives of children, by helping their parents cope with child custody related issues. If you develop a clear strategy and roadmap, the journey will be much less painful and far more productive. With, or without, an attorney, it is always in your best interest to educate and arm yourself with all of tools and information you can find. You owe it to your child to learn everything you can.

This site has numerous articles based on years of child custody experience. More articles are added regularly. If you would like to see additional articles on specific topics, feel free to suggest one. Please explore the site, read the articles, and join the forum. You are encouraged to become an active participant in this community. Lend a lesson learned if you have one and a comforting word if you don't.

If you are involved in a child custody battle you may think that you are alone, but your are not.  There are tens of thousands more just like you, with more in common than you know. These problems cannot always be solved immediately or easily. But the longer a problem continues, the more evidence you collect, and the better your chances of changing it.

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